Recent Presentations and Selected Media

Below you will find a collection of recent presentations and selected media featuring positive psychology research and theory:

Post-traumatic Growth and Comprehensive Soldier Fitness in The New York Times

Read Jim Rendon's article from The New York Times Magazine (March 22nd, 2012).

The Pursuit” in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Read about positive psychology and the broader trend to pursue more happiness (July 20th, 2011).

Martin Seligman Speaks About Well-Being at RSA

Watch the video of Dr. Seligman's talk at London's RSA (July 6th, 2011).

Martin Seligman and Richard Layard on Bloggingheads

Watch Dr. Seligman and Lord Layard discuss positive psychology (June 2, 2011).

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Develop insights into yourself and the world around you through these scientifically tested questionnaires, surveys, and scales.

Featured Questionnaire:

Compassionate Love Scale
Measures your tendency to support, help, and understand other people

Emotion Questionnaires:

Authentic Happiness Inventory Questionnaire
Measures Overall Happiness

CES-D Questionnaire
Measures Depression Symptoms

Fordyce Emotions Questionnaire
Measures Current Happiness

General Happiness Questionnaire
Assesses Enduring Happiness

PANAS Questionnaire
Measures Positive and Negative Affect

Engagement Questionnaires:

Brief Strengths Test
Measures 24 Character Strengths

Gratitude Questionnaire
Measures Appreciation about the Past

Grit Survey
Measures the Character Strength of Perseverence

Optimism Test
Measures Optimism About the Future

Transgression Motivations Questionnaire
Measures Forgiveness

VIA Survey of Character Strengths
Measures 24 Character Strengths

VIA Strength Survey for Children
Measures 24 Character Strengths for Children

Work-Life Questionnaire
Measures Work-Life Satisfaction

Meaning Questionnaires:

Close Relationships Questionnaire
Measures Attachment Style

Compassionate Love Scale
Measures your tendency to support, help, and understand other people

Meaning in Life Questionnaire
Measures Meaningfulness

Life Satisfaction Questionnaires:

Approaches to Happiness Questionnaire
Measures Three Routes to Happiness

Satisfaction with Life Scale
Measures Life Satisfaction