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Jane Dutton, Ph.D.

Robert L. Kahn Distinguished University Professor of Business Administration and Psychology, Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan

Jane E. Dutton, Ph.D.
Dr. Dutton bridges positive psychology and organizational science. She is a co-founder of the Center for Positive Organizations and a major contributor to the science of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS). She is passionate about cultivating human flourishing at work. Her research focuses on compassion at work, job crafting, high quality connections, and meaning making at work.
She has written over 100 articles and published 13 books. Two of her books are intended for leaders and managers interested in applying positive organizational scholarship to their workplaces – Energize Your Workplace: How to Create and Sustain High Quality Connections at Work; How to be a Positive Leader; Small Actions, Big Impact; Awakening Compassion at Work: The Quiet Power that Elevates People and Organizations. Four of her books bring together top organizational researchers working in key domains of Positive Organizational Scholarship – Using a Positive Lens to Explore Social Change and Organizations: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation, K. Golden–Biddle and J. Dutton (Eds.); Research Alive: Exploring Generative Moments in Doing Qualitative Research, A. Carlsen and J. Dutton (Eds.); Exploring Positive Identity and Organizations: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation, L.M. Roberts and J. Dutton (Eds.); and Exploring Positive Relationships at Work: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation, J. Dutton and B. Ragins (Eds.). She is also a co-editor of the first comprehensive book on POS: Positive Organizational Scholarship: Foundations of a New Discipline. K. Cameron, J. Dutton and R.E. Quinn (Eds.).
Jane’s research has earned her the top awards in the Academy of Management including the Distinguished Scholarly Achievement Award, Lifetime Achievement Award for Organizational Behavior, Distinguished Scholar Award for the Managerial and Organizational Cognition, and the Distinguished Scholar Award for the Organization and Management Theory Division and the Organization Development and Change Division. She is a fellow of the Academy of Management and the International Positive Psychology Association.
Jane grew up outside Boston and attended Colby College as an undergraduate majoring in Sociology. She received her masters and Ph.D. in Organization Behavior from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. She began her career as a strategy professor at New York University. She moved with her husband, Lloyd Sandelands, to the University of Michigan in 1989 where she was granted tenure in both the Psychology department and in the Management and Organizations department in the Ross School of Business. Her joy (besides two wonderful grown daughters, son-in-law and grandson) has been being a doctoral student advisor and seeing students she has had the privilege of working with go on and make wonderful contributions to Positive Organizational Scholarship and beyond.



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